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What is old is new again…

Mattress expert, Francisco Sanchez, has been creating mattresses for 30 years.  After studying and working for large manufacturers he opened his own shop in 2008.  Francisco wanted to provide high-quality affordable custom-made mattresses directly to the end user.

He named his shop “Princess” after the nick names of his three daughters and wife.  His wife, Maria, still plays a major role in the company’s manufacturing and quality control processes.

In 2016, Francisco wanted to expand the business to provide his high-quality mattresses to retail stores in California.  He knew there was more learning involved with this major step.  He temporary closed the business to team up with a larger manufacture to learn more about assembly line production, lean manufacturing, and business to business sales.

In late 2018, Francisco partnered with Nathalie Villanueva, often referred to as the 5th Princess.  Nathalie was literally born into the mattress business.  Her mother was in the business and her father was the late foam industry legend Ricardo Villanueva.  The apple didn’t fall too far from the tree.  Nathalie has a formal education in business administration and marketing.  Her first job was for a company that Ricardo had owned.  Her passion for customer service and her innate ability to make customers happy makes her a perfect addition to the Princess Mattress family.

The partnership of Francisco and Nathalie has been a powerful one two punch.   He expertly makes the mattresses and she makes sure that their retail partners are expertly serviced and trained.  Their strong family environment and integrity-based culture is felt by everyone who walks through their doors.

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Princess Mattress
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